Improving quality and efficiency. We Build to Last.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio and working nationally, Welty Building Company has evolved into the premier construction management firm in the region by applying our proprietary “Build to Last” philosophy to all aspects of our business. With a culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation, Welty has become an industry leader by exceeding our clients’ expectations. This culture is evident in the results of Welty Energy & Infrastructure, LLC.

At Welty, we bring an emotional intelligence to our work that is unlike anything else in the construction industry. Our approach is founded on a willingness to defy doing things the way they have always been done in favor of doing what is the smartest, most efficient, most sustainable and ultimately the most beneficial for our customer and the community they serve.

We call it “Thinking Welty” and it means we are never afraid to do what is right.

Our Team’s ThinkWelty philosophy is credited with:

Zero lost time safety incidents.

Double-digit first cost savings.

Accelerated schedules.

Built-in quality that minimizes ongoing operating costs.

Welty Energy & Infrastructure is an affiliate of Welty Building Company.

There are many definitions of success, but there's one thing all the great agree on- success only comes from persevering despite failure.
Don Taylor
President & CEO, Welty

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