Welty, a Lean EPC contractor, works with investor-owned utilities while partnering with industry leaders to efficiently and safely manage the construction of transmission and substation projects. The focus of Lean EPC is improved safety metrics, lower first cost, improved operating margins, better quality, more predictable cash flow and accelerated schedule. In order to achieve these results, Welty utilizes Lean principles from project inception to energization and close-out, eliminating waste and concentrating on value-add tasks.

Welty has pioneered the first implementation of a collaborative contract in the energy transmission industry. This Lean EPC arrangement provides for a profit at risk partnership between Welty as the Construction Manager, the Client, the Design Firm, and Key Trade Partners. Additionally, there is a savings-generated, success-measured incentive pool, which is distributed to the full team if key success metrics, such as safety and schedule, are achieved.