Welty Energy professionals have constructed hundreds of high-voltage substations, switch stations and interconnect stations nationwide from 34.5kV to 765kV for public and private clients, and are skilled in performing substation work under engineer-procure-construct (EPC) methods of project delivery. We’ve also constructed Static Var Compensation Stations and stations requiring sophisticated Dynamic Var Systems and Capacitor Bank Systems.  In addition to construction, we offer complete turnkey services including program/project management support, material procurement and management, quality assurance/quality control, certified bus welders, testing/commissioning and final job close-out.


  • Avon – Relocate 345kV relays
  • Avon – Relocate 138kV relays
  • Fowles – 138kV Remote end upgrade
  • Fox – 138kV Remote end upgrade
  • Dawson – Intangible Remote end upgrade
  • Lorain – 138kV Remote end upgrade
  • Hummel – 138kV Remote end upgrade
  • West Akron – 69kV 10.8MVAR Cap bank
  • Wellington – 69kV 14.4MVAR Cap bank
  • Gilcrest – 138kV 52.8MVAR Cap bank
  • East Akron-Hanna – Relay Replacements/Upgrade 138kV line relaying
  • Bluebell-Pidgeon – Relay Replacements
  • Cloverdale-Star – Upgrade 138kV line relaying
  • Brookside-Homer –  69kV Rebuild
  • Cedar Street-Frisco –  East/West 69kV Lines